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Angstrem company was established by Nikolay Averyanov (1957-2012) and his five friends in 1991 as an industrial-sport enterprise. Originally the main activity was the production of a high-precise sport equipment. In 1999, Nikolay, motor engineer and International Master of a model boating, became the sole owner and the Director of Angstrem company. It was he who laid what became the hallmark of the company: elegant engineering solutions, uncompromising product quality, strong team, capable of solving the most sofisticated tasks.

Angstrem Ltd. has become one of the leading companies producing equipment for boat and aviacraft modeling. Internal combustion engines "Angstrem" repeatedly set world speed records, won national championships (Russia, Sweden, USA, Australia) and the World Championships.

Stably developing company acquired equipment, progressively expanding its range of production capabilities. In 2002, Angstrem moved to its own building with a production area of about 500 m ² on Topolevaya street, 4, Kazan, where is located today.

During its 21-years history Angstrem company developed different projects:

  • Manufacture of engines and spare parts for boat and aircraft modeling
  • Boosting of engines for car racers of Tatarstan and Russia
  • Production of tools for dentistry and laparoscopic surgery
  • Production of a gears for KAMAZ engine using compressed gas
  • Production of components for engines operating on mixed fuel (gas and diesel)
  • Development of the technological process of production of high pressure cylinders (partnership with Bolivian company)
  • Production of items for Utility Services
  • Manufacture of parts for a device that controls a join welds in gas and oil pipelines
  • Production of air valve locking for vehicles with high cross produced by JSC "KAMAZ".